First Call UPLinks is proud to announce that we now offer High Definition transmission services from our newly updated Truck I based in Youngstown, Ohio and operated by Thomas “Hoss” Warner. This truck is dual path HD or triple path SD with no restrictions.

First Call UPLinks along with AZCAR Digital Media Solutions and Gil Hanna of NEAR-FIELD COMMUNICATIONS, INC. planned and implemented the installation to meet the growing needs of High Definition remote broadcasts.

Two Tandberg 5788 MPEG-2 HD Version 3.10.3 Encoders along with 2 Tandberg RX 1290 Receivers will be handling the transmission and downlinks.

With the Tandberg encoders we are able to handle 1080i or 720p in 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 which features QPSK, 8PSK, or DVB-S2. For security concerns the Tandbergs can handle Biss or RAS scrambling.

Audio upgrades include a Wohler AMP-2 E8MDA capable of processing simultaneous 8 channel AES/Embedded audio including Dolby E.

A Tandberg Transport Stream Analyzer will monitor the signal throughout the broadcast or return.

Network return will be provided through a Direct TV HD Receiver.

If your needs are expanded to triple path SD, we will have trucks in Youngstown and Columbus, Ohio to accommodate those needs.

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